miR-146b-5p inhibits glioma migration and invasion by targeting MMP16.

TitlemiR-146b-5p inhibits glioma migration and invasion by targeting MMP16.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLi Y, Wang Y, Yu L, Sun C, Cheng D, Yu S, Wang Q, Yan Y, Kang C, Jin S, An T, Shi C, Xu J, Wei C, Liu J, Sun J, Wen Y, Zhao S, Kong Y
JournalCancer letters
Date Published2013 Oct 10

miR-146b-5p is frequently down-regulated in solid tumours, including prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, and glioblastoma. However, the tumour-suppressive effects of miR-146b-5p in malignant gliomas have not been investigated thoroughly. Here, we found that decreased miR-146b-5p expression was strongly correlated with chromosome 10q loss in gliomas, especially glioblastomas. The overexpression of miR-146b-5p in glioblastoma cell lines led to MMP16 mRNA silencing, MMP2 inactivation, and the inhibition of tumour cell migration and invasion. Our results suggest that the restoration of miR-146b-5p expression may be a feasible approach for inhibiting the migration and invasion of malignant gliomas.

Alternate JournalCancer Lett.