Image homogenization using pre-emphasis method for high field MRI.

TitleImage homogenization using pre-emphasis method for high field MRI.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLi Y, Wang C, Yu B, Vigneron D, Chen W, Zhang X
JournalQuantitative imaging in medicine and surgery
Date Published2013 Aug

Radiofrequency (RF) field (B 1) inhomogeneity due to shortened wavelength at high field is a major cause of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) nonuniformity in high dielectric biological samples (e.g., human body). In this work, we propose a method to improve the B 1 and MRI homogeneity by using pre-emphasized non-uniform B 1 distribution. The intrinsic B 1 distribution that could be generated by a RF volume coil, specifically a microstrip transmission line (MTL) coil used in this work, was pre-emphasized in the sample's periphery region of interest to compensate for the central brightness induced by high frequency interference effect due to shortened wave length. This pre-emphasized non-uniform B 1 can be realized by varying the parameters of microstrip elements, such as the substrate thickness of MTL volume coil. Both numerical simulation and phantom MR imaging studies were carried out to investigate the feasibility and merit of the proposed method in achieving homogeneous MR images. The simulation results demonstrate that by using a pre-emphasized B 1 distribution generated by the MTL volume coil, relatively uniform B 1 distribution and homogeneous MR image (98% homogeneity) within the spherical phantom (15 cm diameter) were achieved with 4.5 mm thickness. The B 1 and MRI intensity distributions of a 16-element MTL volume coil with fixed substrate thickness and five varied saline loads were modeled and experimentally tested. Similar results from both simulation and experiments were obtained, suggesting substantial improvements of B 1 and MRI homogeneities within the phantom containing 125 mM saline. The overall results demonstrate an efficient B 1 shimming approach for improving high field MRI.

Alternate JournalQuant Imaging Med Surg