Functional analysis of DNA methylation in lung cancer.

TitleFunctional analysis of DNA methylation in lung cancer.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLi B, Lu Q, Song Z-G, Yang L, Jin H, Li Z-G, Zhao T-J, Bai Y-F, Zhu J, Chen H-Z, Xu Z-Y
JournalEuropean review for medical and pharmacological sciences
Date Published2013 May

We aimed to explore the DNA methylation difference between lung cancer samples and non-cancer lung samples, and to investigate the role of DNA methylation in the mechanism of lung cancer development. Besides, we analyzed the transcriptional regulation network of DNA methylation and the miRNAs regulated by DNA methylation. This study provides a framework for DNA methylation in other tumors or diseases.

Alternate JournalEur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci