Effects of soil trace elements on longevity population in China.

TitleEffects of soil trace elements on longevity population in China.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLiu Y, Li Y, Jiang Y, Li H, Wang W, Yang L
JournalBiological trace element research
Date Published2013 Jun

Based on background concentrations of elements in soils and the sixth population census data of China, this study discussed the distribution characteristics of soil elements and longevity population at province level in China. Percentages of the aging population are high in Southwest China and the eastern coastal region but low in western and northwestern regions. Provinces in South and Southwest China gain a high level of longevity, while the northern part of China has a low level of longevity. The background concentration of Se in soil has a significant positive correlation with longevity index, while Ba and Ni have a significant negative correlation with longevity indexes. By regression analysis, longevity index C/100,000 can be expressed as C/100,000 = 1.679-0.205 Ni + 0.413 Co + 0.006 Se (with R (2) = 0.402 and p < 0.01), C/65+ can be expressed as C/65+=3.425-0.262 Ni + 0.435 Co + 0.006 Se (with R (2) = 0.369 and p < 0.01).

Alternate JournalBiol Trace Elem Res