Descriptive analyses of pediatric food refusal and acceptance.

TitleDescriptive analyses of pediatric food refusal and acceptance.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBorrero CSW, Woods JN, Borrero JC, Masler EA, Lesser AD
JournalJournal of applied behavior analysis
Date Published2010 Mar

Functional analyses of inappropriate mealtime behavior typically include conditions to determine if the contingent delivery of attention, tangible items, or escape reinforce food refusal. In the current investigation, descriptive analyses were conducted for 25 children who had been admitted to a program for the assessment and treatment of food refusal to determine if the consequences commonly delivered during functional analyses were observed during parent-conducted meals. The conditional probabilities for the delivery of attention, tangible items, and escape following food refusal and acceptance were compared to the unconditional probabilities of each event. Results showed that attention and escape most frequently followed refusal and differed depending on the topography of refusal. Implications for further evaluations of food refusal using similar methods are discussed.

Alternate JournalJ Appl Behav Anal