Comparative analysis of routine laboratory diagnostic tests for rabies.

TitleComparative analysis of routine laboratory diagnostic tests for rabies.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsKadam SS, Sherikar AA, Pingale VS
JournalIndian journal of virology : an official organ of Indian Virological Society
Date Published2011 Dec

Present study was undertaken to compare various routine laboratory diagnostic tests for rabies detection. Seller's staining, mouse inoculation test (MIT), Dot-ELISA, Agar gel precipitation test (AGPT) and counter immunoelectrophoresis test (CIET) were the main basic tests performed in the laboratory for the rabies diagnosis. Out of 200 brain specimens, Negri bodies were observed in 52 brain samples by Seller's staining. Rabies virus was isolated in 56 samples by intra-cerebral inoculation in newborn Swiss-albino mice. Dot-ELISA and AGPT could detect rabies antigen in 55 and 57 samples respectively. Comparative analysis revealed that the CIET is the most sensitive and rapid test among performed diagnostic tests.

Alternate JournalIndian J Virol