Bromocriptine reduces steatosis in obese rodent models.

TitleBromocriptine reduces steatosis in obese rodent models.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsDavis LM, Pei Z, Trush MA, Cheskin LJ, Contoreggi C, McCullough K, Watkins PA, Moran TH
JournalJournal of hepatology
Date Published2006 Sep

Obesity is a risk factor for glucose intolerance, steatosis, and oxidative stress, characteristics of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Bromocriptine may have anti-obesity, insulin-sensitizing, lipolytic, and antioxidant properties. We, therefore, hypothesized that bromocriptine would improve markers of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in obese rodent models.

Alternate JournalJ. Hepatol.