Broadband terahertz generation and detection at 10 nm scale.

TitleBroadband terahertz generation and detection at 10 nm scale.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMa Y, Huang M, Ryu S, Bark CW, Eom C-B, Irvin P, Levy J
JournalNano letters
Date Published2013 Jun 12

Terahertz (0.1-30 THz) radiation reveals a wealth of information that is relevant for material, biological, and medical sciences with applications that span chemical sensing, high-speed electronics, and coherent control of semiconductor quantum bits. To date, there have been no methods capable of controlling terahertz (THz) radiation at molecular scales. Here we report both generation and detection of broadband terahertz field from 10 nm scale oxide nanojunctions. Frequency components of ultrafast optical radiation are mixed at these nanojunctions, producing broadband THz emission. These same devices detect THz electric fields with comparable spatial resolution. This unprecedented control, on a scale of 4 orders of magnitude smaller than the diffraction limit, creates a pathway toward THz-bandwidth spectroscopy and control of individual nanoparticles and molecules.

Alternate JournalNano Lett.