Bioinformatics resources and tools for conformational B-cell epitope prediction.

TitleBioinformatics resources and tools for conformational B-cell epitope prediction.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSun P, Ju H, Liu Z, Ning Q, Zhang J, Zhao X, Huang Y, Ma Z, Li Y
JournalComputational and mathematical methods in medicine
Date Published2013

Identification of epitopes which invoke strong humoral responses is an essential issue in the field of immunology. Localizing epitopes by experimental methods is expensive in terms of time, cost, and effort; therefore, computational methods feature for its low cost and high speed was employed to predict B-cell epitopes. In this paper, we review the recent advance of bioinformatics resources and tools in conformational B-cell epitope prediction, including databases, algorithms, web servers, and their applications in solving problems in related areas. To stimulate the development of better tools, some promising directions are also extensively discussed.

Alternate JournalComput Math Methods Med