Acupuncture De-qi: From Characterization to Underlying Mechanism.

TitleAcupuncture De-qi: From Characterization to Underlying Mechanism.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsZhu S-P, Luo L, Zhang L, Shen S-X, Ren X-X, Guo M-W, Yang J-M, Shen X-Y, Xu Y-S, Ji B, Zhu J, Li X-H, Zhang L-F
JournalEvidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM
Date Published2013

De-qi refers to the participant's subjective sensations and objective body responses as well as the acupuncturist's perceptions while the acupuncturist needles certain acupoints in the participant's body. In recent years, De-qi is getting increasing attention of the researchers and many efforts have been made to understand its mechanism. By the broad literature survey, this paper explores the subjective De-qi sensation of the patients, its influencing factors, and the resulting physiological responses. The purpose of this paper is expected to find out a possible mechanism of De-qi and to provide certain scientific evidence for acupuncture fundamental research and clinical practice.

Alternate JournalEvid Based Complement Alternat Med