Therapeutic Leave of Absence

A therapeutic leave of absence (TLOA) is a brief time (six hours maximum) that you and your child may leave the hospital. The purpose of the TLOA is to practice life outside the hospital, including what it will be like to care for your child at home and in the community (for instance, transportation, navigating stairs, feeding, etc.). The TLOA will be discussed with you before you leave and once you return. Depending on patient and family needs, a TLOA can be arranged for a child to go home, into the community, or for caregivers to independently care for their child in the hospital setting.

Therapeutic leaves of absence are recommended when you and the interdisciplinary team agree that your child is ready to briefly spend time away from the hospital. As a general rule, children are allowed up to two TLOAs per week. The TLOAs may not be combined for one 12-hour leave. Those who use a TLOA during the weekend should not leave until after their child's therapies and meals are completed. We encourage caregivers to take their children out between meals and therapy. An authorization and acceptance of responsibility form for TLOA must be signed by a parent or caregiver and by a doctor or nurse.