Developmental Cognitive Neurology Clinic

Clinical Research Center • 716 North Broadway • Baltimore, MD 21205
Satellite location in Bethesda


Martha Bridge Denckla, MD

About Our Program:

The Developmental Cognitive Neurology Clinic provides clinical services to individuals age 5 through 50 who have complex, subtle cognitive problems affecting school or work. The clinic utilizes an interdisciplinary evaluation and treatment model drawing from professionals with a variety of backgrounds (behavioral neurology, neuropsychology and education). Evaluations are often sought as a "second opinion." All evaluations and treatments are viewed within the context of brain-behavior relationships. Services include diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning disabilities. The clinic provides the following diagnostic services:

  • Developmental cognitive neurology evaluations
  • Educational evaluations
  • Neuropsychological evaluations

The clinic's treatment services include: medication management and academic/educational therapy.

Primary Program Goals:

The clinic's goals are as follows:

  • Multidisciplinary diagnosis and evaluation of learning, attention and coordination problems
  • Appropriate referrals when necessary for psychotherapy, educational intervention, medication management or additional clinical consultations
  • Phone consultation with school personnel and other professionals following the evaluation
  • Stimulant medication trials to establish appropriate choice of medication and dosage schedule

Hours of Operation:

  • Broadway Location: By special arrangement only (Dr. Denckla)
  • Broadway Location: Thursdays (Dr. Mostofsky)
  • Bethesda Satelite Office: Tuesdays and Thursday (Dr. Denckla)


To make a referral or request an initial evaluation:
Contact our Care Management Office
Toll-Free Referral: (888) 554-2080
Local Referral: (443) 923-9400

For follow-up appointments:

Linda W. Riedlbauer
Phone: (443) 923-9269

Kimberly J. Anderson
Phone: (443) 923-9250

NOTE: This is a private pay clinic; insurance reimbursement is not accepted. Patients are provided with charge codes but they must negotiate for reimbursement on their own.

Additional Diagnoses Served: 
Developmental Motor Coordination Disorders