Neurobehavioral Continuum

Kennedy Krieger Institute • 707 North Broadway • Baltimore, MD 21205


Louis Hagopian, PhD
Lee Wachtel, MD
Patricia Kurtz, PhD (Outpatient Neurobehavioral Services)

About Our Program:

The Neurobehavioral Continuum of Care provides treatment services for individuals with developmental disabilities and a variety of severe behavior disorders. These include destructive behaviors such as self-injurious behavior (SIB), aggression, property destruction, pica and noncompliance.

The continuum of care consists of several interrelated programs. The Neurobehavioral Outpatient Clinic consists of four programs: Consultation Service, Day Treatment Program, Intensive Behavioral Day Treatment and Follow-Up Program for patients discharged from the inpatient service. The Neurobehavioral Inpatient Service consists of the Neurobehavioral Unit (NBU). Because there is close collaboration and overlap of professional staff across the different programs, there is ongoing discussion and evaluation with regard to level of care needed by the persons served.

Diagnoses Served:

Previous patient diagnoses include, but are not limited to, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, cerebral palsy, Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, DiGeorge Syndrome, disruptive behavior disorder, Fragile X Syndrome, Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome, intellectual disabilities, pervasive developmental disorder, Prader-Willli Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Sanfilippo Syndrome and stereotypic movement disorder.

Approximately 70-80 percent of our patients have been diagnosed with severe to profound intellectual disabilities, and approximately 30 percent have been diagnosed with autism or pervasive developmental disorder.


Carol Fendlay

Dorothy Okuwadi
Phone: (443) 923-2840

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