Genetics Laboratories at Kennedy Krieger Institute

Providing Comprehensive Diagnostics
Providing Comprehensive Diagnostics

The Genetics Laboratories at Kennedy Krieger Institute evaluate a wide range of clinical samples to aid the global community of diagnosticians.
Research On A Variety of Organisms
Research On A Variety of Organisms

This image showcases just a few of the species that the Genetics Laboratories have analyzed for various research projects.
Plasma Profile Graph
Assays for Clinical/Research Evaluations

Our assays are valuable not only as diagnostic tools, but are also available for other non-diagnostic clinical and research services that we offer.
TCA Citric Acid Cycle
Citric Acid Cycle Intermediates Testing Coming Soon!

Our laboratory consistently updates its menu of assays. The new citric acid (TCA) cycle intermediates assay is now available on a research basis only.

The Genetics Laboratories at the Kennedy Krieger Institute provide accredited clinical tests to aid the diagnosis of patients with disorders of metabolism and/or disorders associated with intellectual disability.

Laboratory services are divided into two specialized sections. These sections include:

Biochemical Genetics   Peroxisomal Diseases

Our expert staff, most of whom hold joint faculty appointments at both the Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, provide timely results and detailed interpretations with the opportunity for clinical consultation.

We also provide research services for non-diagnostic samples from humans and non-human species. These services are offered to the life science, biotech, pharmaceutical and the nutraceutical industries. We specialize in lipid measurements for NIH and FDA sponsored research.

Samples may include:

  • Whole blood
  • Plasma
  • Red blood cells
  • Urine
  • Fibroblasts and other cell cultures
  • Tissue (research only)

Accreditation, Certification & Licensure:

The Genetics Laboratories is certified by the Department of Health and Human Services under CLIA ID #21D0649789, accredited by CAP #1353022, and licensed by the States of Maryland lab permit #802 and Pennsylvania lab permit 033873. The Kennedy Krieger Institute's EIN is #52-1524965 and the laboratory NPI# is 1649595141.

Laboratory staff participate in the quality assurance and proficiency testing program (Biochemical Genetics Survey) offered by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the European Research Network for Evaluation and Improvement of Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment of Inherited Disorders of Metabolism (ERNDIM).

Contact the Genetics Laboratories:

The Genetics Laboratories can be reached at (443) 923-2788.