Therapeutic Foster Care Program

About the Program:

Therapeutic Foster Care provides a continuum of family-based care and services to children and adolescents with special needs. The children have a history or are at risk of institutional and hospital placements. Emphasis is placed on the relationship between parent and child. Foster parents and clinical social work staff are highly trained to meet the emotional and physical needs of each child. Services include therapeutic foster care placements, adoption services, parent or foster parent training and technical assistance to the community. A primary goal of the program is to ensure a permanent home.

Interesting Trends:

Most of the children and youth who are referred to the Family Center's Therapeutic Foster Care program have failed in at least five previous out-of-home placements. They have multiple developmental disabilities, complex serious medical conditions and emotional and behavioral problems. Often they have been victims of abuse and neglect. As a result, these children struggle with being able to sustain nurturing relationships with adults and peers. They struggle to understand the abuse and neglect they have experienced at the hands of previous caregivers and lack confident expectation that families are are able to provide a safe trusting environment for them. Through a caring relationship in a family environment, they learn to attach to others and trust that their needs will be met. In the past few years, the program has focused on the development of the adoptions component of its services. This allows children placed within the program who do not have a potential permanent home to immediately connect with a family that may eventually become a permanent placement.

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