Family Center Early Head Start Program

About the Program:

Early Head Start is a family support and early childhood intervention program located in Southeast Baltimore. The program provides center- and community-based education and coordination services for low-income, at risk families with children from birth to age three, as well as pregnant women. Center- and home-based activities include home environment assessments, early childhood development services, adult education, parent education and coordination with community health, mental health, childcare and educational resources. All services are offered in both English and Spanish.

Interesting Trends:

The early childhood years are the foundation for individual development and to establish the essential dynamics between the child and adult that will serve as the underpinning for all relationships in the future. The Family Center Early Head Start Program (EHS) creates the environment and services that allow parents to enjoy their interaction with their children, peers and staff. Participants grow to be increasingly self-sufficient, both economically and personally. Center services are based on an early childhood and adult education model that includes the active involvement of parents, including their input into program development. The home-based component of EHS services is linked to the center parent education curriculum and is designed to support EHS participants in directing the course of their personal development and successful management of the lives of the children and family members.

Related Materials and Information

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