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For more information about how autism research conducted at Kennedy Krieger Institute's Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) is helping to advance the way physicians and other health care professionals treat and manage the disorder at both the local and national level, please click on the links listed below.

Autism Research Highlights:

New Study Shows Simple Task at Six Months of Age May Predict Risk of Autism
(Press Release: May 16, 2012)
Kennedy Krieger Researchers Reveal New Findings on Earliest Signs of Motor Delay in Infants

"Could My Child Have Autism?" Ten Signs of Possible Autism-Related Delays in 6- to 12-Month-Old Children
(Press Release: March 26, 2012)
Kennedy Krieger Expert Advises Parents on What to Look for During Playtime

New Findings Validate the Accuracy of Autism Diagnosis in Children with Down Syndrome
(Press Release: October 4, 2011)
Study shows DSM criteria can be used to identify autism in children with Down syndrome.

Early Motor Experiences Give Infants a Social Jump Start
(Press Release: September 9, 2011)
Study Indicates Infants at Risk for Autism Could Benefit from Motor Training

Risk of Autism in Younger Siblings Substantially Higher Than Previous Estimates
(Press Release: August 15, 2011)
Study highlights importance of routine surveillance, rapid referral for infant siblings of children with ASD

Early Intervention Can Improve Core Symptoms of Autism in Toddlers
(Press Release: December 15, 2010)
Clinical trial of autism early intervention reveals significant improvements in toddlers' social and communication skills

New Study Affirms Handwriting Problems Affect Children with Autism into the Teenage Years
(Press Release: November 15, 2010)
Kennedy Krieger researchers confirm children with autism are unlikely to outgrow handwriting problems, recommend intervention therapies

Infant's Gaze May Be an Early, but Subtle, Marker for Autism Risk
(Press Release: September 1, 2010)
Research findings show subtle differences that parents and professionals may easily overlook

80 Percent Autism Divorce Rate Debunked in First-Of-Its Kind Scientific Study
(Press Release: May 19, 2010)
Kennedy Krieger researchers find autism does not affect family structure

New Study Reveals Handwriting is Real Problem for Children with Autism
(Press Release: November 9, 2009)
Kennedy Krieger researchers suggest improvements are possible by targeting letter formation, fine motor control training

An Autism Diagnosis: Coping, Acceptance & Time are Key to Moving Forward
(Press Release: September 10, 2009)
Advice from an expert at Kennedy Krieger

New Study Pinpoints Difference in the Way Children With Autism Learn New Behaviors
(Press Release: July 6, 2009)
Kennedy Krieger and Johns Hopkins researchers examine the brain basis of motor control, imitation and social function deficits

NIH Autism Center of Excellence Network Announces Launch of Most Comprehensive Study of Earliest Possible Causes of Autism
(Press Release: June 9, 2009)
Baltimore/Washington area one of three regions nationwide where research will be conducted

First Neuroimaging Study Examining Motor Execution in Children With Autism Reveals Brain Activation Differences, Decreased Connectivity Between Brain Regions
(Press Release: April 28, 2009)
Kennedy Krieger researchers uncover new insight into the neurological basis of autism by studying how the brain coordinates movement

New Children's Book Teaches "Typical Kids" How to Befriend Children With Autism
(Press Release: February 26, 2009)
The Friendship Puzzle: Helping Kids Learn About Accepting and Including Kids With Autism is one of the first books to address this situation

Autism Speaks Announces Major Expansion of Autism Treatment Network
(Press Release: December 12, 2007)
The ATN is a group of hospitals and medical centers dedicated to improving medical care for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and to standardizing the care those individuals receive. Kennedy Krieger Institute is one of fifteen sites nationwide.

Study Finds Fever May Lead to Improved Behavior in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
(Press Release: December 3, 2007)
Kennedy Krieger Institute research confirms parent and physician reports that children with autism spectrum disorders exhibit fewer autistic-like behaviors during illness with fever

New Study Shows Half of Children With Autism Can Be Accurately Diagnosed at Close to One Year of Age
(Press Release: July 2, 2007)
Study evaluating social and communication development in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) from 14 to 36 months of age, revealed that approximately half of all children with autism can be diagnosed around the first birthday.

Research Frontiers: Piecing Together the Mystery of Autism
(Potential Magazine Article: Fall/Winter 2006)
Kennedy Krieger takes a multifaceted approach to investigating the complexities that pose endless questions about the causation and treatment of autism to help find answers.


IAN Research Updates:

New Data Show Children with Autism Bullied Three Times More Frequently than Their Unaffected Siblings
(Press Release: March 26, 2012)
The Interactive Autism Network reports 63 percent of children with autism have been bullied

National Survey Will Measure How Bullying Impacts Children with Autism
(Press Release: October 17, 2011)
Interactive Autism Network asks families to report on bullying experiences of children with ASD

New Data Show Half of All Children with Autism Wander and Bolt From Safe Places
(Press Release: April 20, 2011)
Interactive Autism Network releases findings on critical safety issue, launches new research survey on pregnancy

Study Provides New Insights into the Implications of Autism Onset Patterns
(Press Release: April 20, 2010)
Children with developmental regression at increased risk for more severe autism

New Survey Finds Grandparents Play Key Role in Lives of Children With Autism
(Press Release: April 6, 2010)
Interactive Autism Network survey gives grandparents a voice in autism research community

Leading Online Autism Registry Empowers Researchers With Access to Data, Study Recruitment
(Press Release: October 5, 2009)
Interactive Autism Network publishes results from largest ever twin study, encourages researchers to utilize registry

Nation's Largest Online Autism Research Initiative Launches Research Survey for Grandparents of Children with Autism
(Press Release: October 5, 2009)
Interactive Autism Network invites grandparents to share valuable experiences

Interactive Autism Network Opens Its Doors to Adults With Autism
(Press Release: April 2, 2009)
Interactive Autism Network launches research initiative for adults, unveils new look for growing online community

Kennedy Krieger Institute's Autism Campaign Receives National Acclaim
(Press Release: September 15, 2008)
Ad Council endorses public service campaign for first national autism registry

Initial Data from First U.S. Autism Registry Reveals Important Insights for Research Community
(Press Release: May 15, 2008)
Having registered nearly 24,000 individuals in its inaugural year, the IAN Project is now recognized as the largest collection of autism data in the world.

First National Autism Registry Shows Notable Impact on Autism Research in Opening Year
(Press Release: March 31, 2008)
IAN Project facilitates opportunities for parents of children with autism and researchers to connect

Kennedy Krieger Institute Launches First National Online Autism Registry
(Press Release: April 2, 2007)
Kennedy Krieger Institute today announced the launch of the Interactive Autism Network (IAN) -- the first national online autism registry -- a shared resource for families and individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), connecting them with other families and autism researchers throughout the world.


News Highlights:

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