Tanjala Gipson, M.D.

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Tanjala Gipson
Principal Investigator and Associate Director, Clinical Trials Unit; Director, Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic

Kennedy Krieger Institute
707 N. Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205
Phone: (443)923-9164
Email: gipson@kennedykrieger.org

Dr. Tanjala Gipson is a principal investigator and associate director of the Clinical Trials Unit, and director of the Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic at Kennedy Krieger Institute. She is also an assistant professor of neurology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.


Dr. Gipson joined the faculty of Kennedy Krieger Institute in July 2012. She serves as director and founder of the Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic at Kennedy Krieger Institute and associate director of the Clinic Trials Unit. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke awarded her the Neurological Sciences Academic Award (NSADA) to further her research to improve care for individuals with TSC. She was born in Germany, but spent the majority of her life in Louisiana. She graduated as valedictorian of Winnsboro High in 1994 and completed her undergraduate studies at Xavier University of Louisiana in 1998. In 2004, she graduated as a doctor of medicine from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center.

After two years of pediatrics residency at Tulane University School of Medicine, Dr. Gipson became a Kennedy Krieger Institute LEND trainee in 2006 and completed a residency in child neurology/neurodevelopmental disability in 2010.


During a T32-funded post-doctoral fellowship, Dr. Gipson focused on neurocognitive and neurobehavioral features of tuberous sclerosis complex and clinical trials methods. Currently, Dr. Gipson’s career is focused on clinical trial design and implementation to evaluate drugs that target the neurobiological basis of disease in individuals with intellectual disability with the hope of successfully treating individuals who were previously considered untreatable.