Geeta Sarphare, Ph.D.

Geeta Sarphare
Geeta Sarphare
Clinical Director, Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic

Kennedy Krieger Institute
3901 Greenspring Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: (443) 923-7663

Dr. Geeta Sarphare, licensed psychologist, is the clinical director of the Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic at Kennedy Krieger Institute. She is also an assistant professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Biographical Sketch:

Dr. Sarphare received her doctoral degree from the Ohio State University Department of Psychology with a specialization in developmental disabilities/intellectual disabilities. She also has a master's degree in special education teaching, a specialist in education in community college and higher education, a bachelor's of science in microbiology and biochemistry and a bachelor's of education in special education. While earning her doctoral degree, Dr. Sarphare received extensive course work in psychopharmacology and outpatient clinical training conducting individual/play therapy, testing and parent training. Her focus of study was “Anxiety Disorders in children with intellectual disabilities: Developmental considerations,” which is currently an area of research she is pursuing at the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Dr. Sarphare has been providing over 20 years of service to individuals with developmental disabilities. Dr. Sarphare provided early intervention services for children ages six years old and younger with behavioral disorders and developmental delays. Dr. Sarphare directed a special forensic project at a state residential facility and provided psychological services to adults with developmental disabilities/intellectual disabilities. As a consulting psychologist to community providers, she conducted in-staff training and also trained parents to implement treatment plans in the home-setting.

In the outpatient psychiatry clinic at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, Dr. Sarphare provides individual, family, play therapies, and parent education. She also serves as the clinical director managing the operations of the clinic.

Dr. Sarphare is licensed by the Maryland Board of Examiners of Psychologists and the Delaware Division of Professional Regulations. She is certified by the Council for the National Register as a health service provider in psychology. She is a member of the Maryland Psychological Association.

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