Cavalier Daily: NCAA tackles head injuries

September 26, 2012
Dr. Jennifer Reesman shares insights on concussion in collegiate sports

During Virginia’s abysmal 56-20 defeat to Georgia Tech Sept. 15, many fans witnessed a phenomenon they had likely never seen before. On two distinct occasions in the first half, Yellow Jackets quarterback Tevin Washington barreled to the Cavalier one-yard line before having his helmet dislodged. A new rule implemented by the NCAA this year meant the redshirt senior was forced to sit out the subsequent play each time — despite suffering no apparent discomfort on either play. “We know enough to make us really scared,” said Dr. Jennifer Reesman, a pediatric neuropsychologist at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, a neurology research and education center. “But we don’t know enough to guide us in terms of what we should be doing.” Read more.