Children's Books About Cancer -- SHNIC Information for Families

Alex's Journey -- The Story of a Child with a Brain Tumor. American Brain Tumor Association, 1994.

The Amazing Hannah -- Look at Everything I Can Do! by Amy Klett. Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation, 2002.

Barklay and Eve -- What Is Cancer, Anyway? by Karen L. Carney. Dragonfly Publishing Company, 1999.

Chemo, Craziness & Comfort -- My Book about Childhood Cancer by Nancy Keene. Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation, 2002.

Let's Talk About When Kids Have Cancer by Melanie Apel Gordon. The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc., 1999.

Kathy's Hats -- A Story of Hope by Trudy Krisher. Albert Whitman and Company, 1992.

Me and My Marrow -- A Kid's Guide to Bone Marrow Transplants by Karen Crowe. Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc., 1999.

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