Children's Books About ADD/ADHD -- SHNIC Information for Families

A Child's Guide to Concentrating - For Kids with ADHD by Bonita Blazer. Shire Richwood Inc.

Eddie Enough! By Debbie Zimmett. Woodbine House, 2001.

Jumpin’ Johnny Get Back to Work - A Child's Guide to ADHD/Hyperactivity by Michael Gordon, M.D. GSI Publications, Inc., 1997.

Kids Explore the Gifts of Children with Special Needs. John Muir Publications, 1994. (one section written by a child with ADHD)

Pay Attention, Slosh! By M. Smith. 1997.

Shelley, the Hyperactive Turtle by Deborah Moss. Woodbine House, 1989.

Waiting for Mr. Goose by L. Lears. 1999.

Zipper, the Kid with ADHD by Caroline Janover. Woodbine House, 1997.

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