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Building Stronger Bones

Osteogenesis Imperfecta Clinic extends services to children with a variety of conditions

Logan Insley with Dr. ShapiroLoss of bone density is a concern commonly associated with the elderly, for whom a simple stumble can easily result in a painful, debilitating fracture. But a variety of other conditions can make low bone density a lifetime challenge, one best addressed as early as possible.

Never Say Never

Determined Young Woman Refuses to Let Cerebral Palsy Conquer Her Dreams

Liza Patchel and Her MomLiza Patchel has grown used to being told of the many things she will never do. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy as an infant, doctors said she would never speak or walk. When she enrolled in public school, administrators said she would never play for their sports teams. Even as she studied her way to good grades, "experts" told Liza that she would never go to college.

Letter from our President

Gary W. Goldstein, MDParents of children with autism, intellectual disabilities and other developmental disabilities face a host of challenges in providing their children with the best life possible. In some cases, simply keeping their children safe is a constant battle.

Duty, Honor, Country: Students Find Sense of Belonging in Young Marines Unit for Kids with Special Needs


Young Marines at Kennedy Krieger High SchoolAdolescence isn't easy it's a tough road filled with all sorts of risky possibilities, from school failure and conflict with parents to more dangerous threats like involvement in drugs and gangs.

News Briefs

Brightside Program provides mentors for children with Down syndrome

While inclusion efforts have helped many children and adolescents with developmental disabilities participate in educational and community settings, some still feel socially isolated from their nondisabled peers. Kennedy Krieger's Brightside Program was developed to build self-esteem and foster relationships among children and adolescents with Down syndrome by creating opportunities for them to learn from young adults with the disorder.

Treating ADHD

Kennedy Krieger's Center for Development and Learning Helps Children with ADHD Lead Fuller Lives

Kerrel Williams with Pediatric Nurse PractitionerEach year, Kennedy Krieger Institute's Center for Development and Learning evaluates and treats several thousand children with ADHD. The evaluation includes a detailed medical, developmental and behavioral history of the child.

News Briefs

Kennedy Krieger Brain Cancer Research Receives Proceeds from Golf Tournament

A golf tournament held October 2 in Exeter, Pennsylvania netted $8,500 for Kennedy Krieger researcher Dr. John Laterra's brain tumor studies. The tournament was organized by Lisa DeLeo, whose late fiancé Steve Mabry was treated for brain cancer at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

New Life, New Challenges: Young Mom with Spina Bifida Grows with Kennedy Krieger


Krystal Spencer with Her SonWhen Krystal Spencer came to Kennedy Krieger for her regular clinic visit in September, she couldn't resist showing off her baby son Justin. A Kennedy Krieger patient for more than a decade, Spencer is a familiar face to many of the physicians, nurses and therapists in the Outpatient department all of whom were thrilled to see that one of their patient had delivered a healthy baby boy.

Attitude Adjustment

Tantrums, Biting, Crying -- Every Parent Struggles with Them from Time to Time, But When Misbehavior Intensifies, It Can Traumatize the Entire Family.

Sixteen-year-old Travis Smith can't wait to try out for his Baltimore City high school's football team next fall. He's a lot like most boys his age: non-stop energy. Today, that energy is channeled positively, a big change from when he first started school. Back then, his mother Natasha Lewis was at her wits end, receiving phone calls practically on a daily basis telling her to come pick him up from school. The reasons varied: Travis had hit another child. Travis had lashed out at a teacher or an aide. Travis was threatening to jump from the roof of the school.

Research Frontiers: Communicating Milestones, When 2 Worry

Kennedy Krieger Study Focuses on Following Children through the "Gray Period" of Language Development

Communication Milestones: When 2 WorryThe early years of a child's life are an exciting and promising time. Parents eagerly anticipate seeing their child's first steps and hearing her first words. But what happens when time passes and these milestones don't occur? When should parents seek help, and where can they find it?

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